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"European quality + Chinese cost"-Linde Hydraulics Starts in Weifang
promulgator:jnbcwd2 Published:2015-6-5 11:58:50 Read:564


On May 29 morning, linde hydraulics - weifang China factory held a grand ceremony in weichai industrial park.
Tan Xuguang, chairman of the rate of senior management team, with German linde hydraulics company management team, travelling and linde hydraulics (China) factory employees, witness the history of this exciting moment.New factory is not only means the weichai hydraulic business and taken a solid step, also means that China weifang has a production capacity of the world's most advanced hydraulic parts, is weichai lind's hand in hand "reengineering a weichai power" dream of the strong practice.
Weichai power performing CEO Zhang Quan presided over the new plant put into production.
Linde hydraulics CEO ulrich delivered a warm speech.Ulrich, first of all, on behalf of linde management team, to express our heartfelt thanks weichai team for their support.Can effectively reduce the production into the new factory, shortened product time-to-market, and with the aid of and weichai comprehensive resource synergy, greatly improving the capacity of linde hydraulics of procurement, manufacturing, service, fully meet the needs of customers in China, explore the Chinese market for linde hydraulics laid a strong solid foundation.Smooth production of the new factory, is a sino-german team cooperation and a strong practice.In the future, under the efforts of both sides, linde hydraulics will constantly will "motivation into action," by the European quality to promote China and the asia-pacific market development.
Shao-jun sun chief executive of the weichai power to the guests present traces the origins of both sides, the pre-production and good basis of cooperation, and said weichai will, as always, support the development of linde hydraulics, basing on the weichai has rich resources, strengthen coordination, help linde hydraulics to become the world's best hydraulic powertrain system manufacturers.
Multinational restructuring in 2012, weichai power Germany linde hydraulics company, the team proposed hydraulic business may be defined as the group's strategic business, will determine the linde hydraulics "building for the whole series, all areas of the world's leading technology, top of the world's top two hydraulic powertrain system manufacturer" strategic vision, set up the platform for hydraulic business "reengineering a weichai power" ambition.However, linde hydraulics business how to be born in the Chinese market?How the European advanced technology combined with China's low-cost manufacturing?Strategic emerging business how to form synergies with group advantage industry?Has been the direction of the joint efforts of both sides to promote.
After repeated argument, the two sides reached a consensus, the joint venture was established in weifang, and invest in the construction of hydraulic factory, to accelerate the high-end hydraulic parts localization process, let the "European quality cost + China" two-wheel drive mode in weichai.
In a long heroic melody, Tan Xuguang chairman and CEO linde hydraulics ulrich, common for linde hydraulics China weifang factory JieCai offline products, opened a new road to weichai hydraulic business development.
The linde hydraulics (China) company was founded in 2014, by linde hydraulics co., LTD and joint liability companies and weichai power set up joint investment, is engaged in high-end high pressure hydraulic pump, motor, valve and other products design, production and sales of the sino-foreign joint venture enterprise.Company will rely on German linde profound technology and manufacturing base, weichai power and the advantage of local resources, through the research and development, manufacture and application of localization development, to provide Chinese customers with engineering machinery as the core in the field of form a complete set of high-end hydraulic parts and system solutions, will be Europe's high-end technology at lower cost, better service, products to Chinese customers a better experience.

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