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Caterpillar (Qingzhou)Limited Company Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Weichai Power
promulgator:jnbcwd2 Published:2015-4-30 9:44:01 Read:1141


Recently, weichai power and caterpillar (qingzhou) co., LTD., in the qingzhou factory signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides agreed that the next three years caterpillar (qingzhou) co., LTD., production of a part of the "machine" workers will products supporting weichai power engine.
Caterpillar (qingzhou) co., LTD is a domestic wheel loader, motor grader, roller and the main provider of caterpillar bulldozers, in recent years to the improvement of production systems and products achieved breakthrough in technology innovation.And weichai power deepening China's market has nearly 70 years, after the baptism of the market economy and the development of their own after has become China's one of the strongest comprehensive strength of automobile and equipment manufacturing group, is the whole series, the full field of general power provider.
Caterpillar (qingzhou) co., LTD., formerly known as shandong machinery co., LTD., workers and weichai power has a history of 24 years."Mechanical workers" brand host plus "weichai" brand engine, this combination has won the customers and market recognition, weichai engine mount assembly machinery products in the market achieved good sales performance, promote the rapid development of the both parties in their respective fields.
Caterpillar (qingzhou) co., LTD., chairman and general manager Yang Ke treasure, said in the new normal, only through the deeper and wider cooperation between enterprises, to achieve common development.We will take a more positive manner of business cooperation, more broad mind, higher level, solid foundation to promote bilateral cooperation.
Tan Xuguang chairman, said in his speech, weichai workers with the original shandong hill machinery co., LTD. Is a pair of old friends, with a history of long term cooperation after more than 20 years to grow together, the two sides have become each other is essential, reliable cooperation partner.The signed a strategic cooperation agreement, it is "weichai" brand and "mechanical workers" brand again hand in hand, will inject more positive energy for development each other.
Then, in the testimony of the management team, with Yang Ke Tan Xuguang Po signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
At the scene of the signing, caterpillar (qingzhou) co., LTD., jointly held the product exhibitions and weichai power.Live show "mechanical workers" brand road roller, bulldozer, excavator, equipped, weichai engine and weichai also carry four engineering mechanical power products to show the scene, two of them have in "mechanical workers" brand of form a complete set of products, the other two also will implement the matching.
In the signing ceremony, Yang Ke chairman also use a word - "patio spring, royal caterpillar (qingzhou) co., LTD. Signed a contract with weichai power", expressed confidence in cooperation between the two sides."Ambitious, force bearing; both sides efforts, to a new. Weatherwise, sincere cooperation, ally with figure dream round. Confidence in, changeable, go forward!"


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