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Weichai Power and Beiben Group Ally Again
promulgator:jnbcwd2 Published:2015-3-21 10:24:36 Read:748

On March 18th, weichai power and north toward heavy truck in weifang signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides, the representatives witnessed the this grand occasion.
Pledges: on the basis of the early stage of the cooperation, will be the further development of cooperation, sharing of advanced technology, develop the market together, build the marketing services network, in order to improve the market competitiveness of both sides, combination, complementary advantages and development through cooperation, to develop win-win situation.
North toward sinotruk is directly under the China ordnance industry group large-scale high-end pillar type heavy commercial vehicle manufacturing enterprises, is the domestic heavy car market has great influence and coverage of backbone enterprises;Weichai power, China's largest automotive engine, spare parts enterprise group, is the only domestic also has the powertrain, commercial vehicles, hydraulic control, and auto parts industry plate equipment manufacturing group.
Traces the history of bilateral strategic cooperation for six years, six years, the two sides cooperate happily together, and give full play to their respective advantages, in product development, marketing, service coordination, the respect such as network shares held in-depth cooperation, north toward cumulative heavy vehicle equipped with weichai engine nearly 170000 units, the two sides to product as a link, to realize the synchronous development.
Tan Xuguang chairman said at the signing ceremony, at present, we are in deep changes have taken place in the external environment, strengthen strategic cooperation, the implementation of chain innovation has become between upstream and downstream enterprises to participate in the competition, the important way to realize win-win.Today, weichai power and north toward a new round of strategic cooperation agreement signed sinotruk, is both sides comply with market trend and realize the complementary advantages of strategic choice.
China north industries group corporation, deputy general manager and party member Jia Hongqian also said in the signing ceremony: north toward sinotruk, always put the weichai power as the only strategic partner in power system, a match on the sales of all models and applications, weichai power is fully, north toward heavy truck development and expand domestic and foreign markets, and on the technical cooperation and service coordination has made positive efforts.The strategic cooperation agreement signed for both sides set up a platform for a higher level of cooperation and development, will inevitably to add momentum to the development of both sides.
In the testimony of the senior management team, weichai power execution with north rush sinotruk, general manager and party secretary of CEO Zhang Quan shi-hong wang signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
For heavy card in the enterprise, now has entered an era of competition, especially the Chinese version of "4.0" industrial blueprint, planning the development of China's manufacturing power track, transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry must be, and it is both challenge and opportunity.In this situation, the engine manufacturing enterprises and vehicle manufacturing enterprises to establish a deeper strategic cooperative relations, not only can play a better both in the field of vehicle manufacturing and advantages of engine, is the transformation and upgrading of complicity, the effective ways to realize the win-win.
This shook hands with north toward the second heavy vehicle of weichai power, two advantage brand to the market development and technical interaction, its prospect is worth looking forward to cooperation, both sides to create a new type of heavy card products, will create greater value for customers.


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