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Weicai Power Group Make a Great Achievement in Quality and Cost
promulgator:admin Published:2015-1-7 9:10:20 Read:590

In 2014, in order to implement the authors efficiency goals, weichai to improve quality and cost control as the core, strengthen details control, continuous optimization of process, to strengthen cost control, strengthening the training and study, comprehensively improve the quality of WP5/7 series products, and to create the most core competitiveness "" three strategic products.

One is to strengthen the details of control and improve product quality.
Full participation, the whole process of comprehensive control of pests' "industry.To improve the quality of WP5/7 series engine, and mobilize the factory all staff to carry out the whole process the full implementation of the "comprehensive" effective control "industrial pests' harm to products, projects.For each wire, respectively set up the project team, from parts of cleanliness, rust, burr, knocked wounded "industrial pests, participation and screening plant 173 process, 104 pests found problems.Using the method of fishbone diagram, according to "people, machine, material, method, ring" five factors, investigation and analysis of various problems, issue a report on the investigation and analysis, and formulate the preventive measures.27 items so far, has solved the key problem, the cumulative saving manufacturing cost more than 600;Because of the "industrial pests' single waste caused by the loss reduce 42.01% year-on-year.Real-time monitoring points of variability and ensure the whole production process.Change point in the process of production is a key link in the process of quality problems appear easily.Set up covering the whole production process change management system, real-time tracking to monitor the daily production line, machine, material, method, factors such as the change of situation, strengthening quality process control, effective guarantee product quality.Now fully monitoring points of variability, ensures that the change of the change point controlled 100%.Since this year, because of the change point caused by the fault number, production number is zero.
2 it is continuous process optimization, booster authors efficiency.
Perfect the cold test technology, the establishment of a new test standard."Cold test equipment fault judgement commissioning projects, through the perfect test, cold test defects history test data revision, cold try test limit set, gradually establish a cold fault experience base, establish a new standard diesel engine cold test detection, for within the scope of the group to promote cold test technology experience to provide data support.Since the project, effectively solve some special problems of can't cold test, cold test rate increased from 37% to 37%.Optimization test running-in process, to improve test efficiency.To the lower WP5/7 trial running in time "project as the gripper, collect and analyze test failure record, optimizing the commissioning running-in process, on the premise of ensuring quality, reduce trial break-in time, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce production cost.At present, the test fuel materials fee can save 200 yuan each, staff working hours per can save 0.5 h.
Three is to strengthen cost control, to carry out the authors performance.
Implement localization tool, innovative ways to reduce costs.With single cutting tool cost as the breakthrough point, to carry out the cost, reduce WP7 homemade a single tool projects, through the statistical analysis of historical data, research on the production line tool usage, a total of more than 10 kinds of single high consumption and optimize the tool of the space, combining with the concrete cutting tool, formulated the detailed tool consumption reduction schemes respectively.So far, the knife localization experiment has been completed a total of 7 classes, through the sub-contractor grinding prolong the service life of the cutter has five classes.At the same time, strengthen the cutting tool use again, make 2014 single tool consumption cost is reduced 60.89 yuan last year.Strengthen the wip control, reduce capital takes up.Combined with the raise the level of wip control project, making perfect the wip management system, the content involves the homemade a visual management, material management, gas machine delivery management, restructuring the physical processing, logistics service evaluation and so on various aspects, finished products in capital takes up indicators, consistent account real rate above 99%.
Four is to strengthen training and study, improve professional quality.
To carry out the full post skills training.For ascension, fine process operator skill levels, in the post skills training project carried out in the process of operation for machining center, assembly, commissioning, the whole machine spray paint and other professional skills employees, prepare the training materials, training plan, selection of trainer, through a combination of theory and practice, according to the syllabus for training, improve the professional skill level of the operator.Training equipment security guards in four levels.Established on primary, secondary and tertiary professional and senior outsourced training equipment maintenance personnel management level 4 training system.Training adviser to head person system, through the way of teaching training and active learning, improve equipment security guards job matching, promotes the maintenance of the equipment management skills, guarantee the stable operation of equipment.At present, the equipment moving rate are maintained at more than 99.16%, compared with last year have increased substantially.Through a series of initiatives, weichai site quality management and cost control system to be more perfect, the cost, quality indicators improved significantly, the production line quality index up 2.28% on average, a single cost 238.7 yuan, the average efficiency index up 8.08%, effective guarantee the quality of products the company strategy and cost competitive advantage.

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