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Weichai Light Up the New Hope of China Engine Power by Its Own Technology
promulgator:admin Published:2015-1-7 9:04:39 Read:675

As one of the most influential domestic heavy-duty engine brand, weichai power engine market share in the industry for a long time first, research and development strength, talent team, product line complete, emissions from vehicle engines are from 2 l cover 13 l, and successively established weifang in domestic, Shanghai, yangzhou, chongqing, hangzhou and five r&d center in the United States, France, Germany and Italy have research and development institutions, is the earliest make powertrain one of the core competitiveness of enterprises.
As early as 2005, weichai absorbed xiang torch, integrate the advantage on the vertical industry chain resources, established in order to "create the vehicle as the guidance, international enterprise group with core technology of the powertrain, developed into a unique an important pole in the equipment manufacturing industry in the world" vision of the enterprise.
In order to make the enterprise vision, weichai built a large number of research institutions and the center of the weichai has a series of full modern testing center, including five axis power system assembly test rig, high pressure common rail pump test-bed, environmental testing tank, CVS full flow test system, friction testing machine, such as the experiment center, power system can be assembly, engine, gearbox, drive axle and other parts of test.Weichai has complete pilot workshop at the same time, equipped with first-class testing equipment.At the same time, China resources also has hundreds of engineers composed of high-quality powertrain development team, has rich experience in product development and engineering.
At the end of 2007, weichai power focused weichai and its method, han's axle technology elite, and joint European research and development center, AVL vehicle research and development center, technical advantage of vehicle industry renowned experts at home and abroad, and introduced the first domestic commercial vehicle powertrain system.Matching the system through the strict test and demonstration, all aspects of data are, in such aspects as performance, fuel economy and reliability can be called the domestic auto industry best power system solutions.
Since 2009, weichai power began to apply for construction of "national commercial vehicle powertrain assembly engineering technology research center", has been through the acceptance, officially listed.On this platform, weichai began to assume national projects, completed the multiple national ministry of science and technology projects, including truck powertrain assembly development projects and tractor power system assembly projects.
The items of truck powertrain assembly has already declared a number of invention patents, established the group truck powertrain gold industrial chain.And development projects in the development of tractor power system assembly process, weichai r&d staff more comprehensively to match the dynamic system of tractor and experimental study, in the case of vehicle dynamic performance fairly, make up to 13.75% more fuel-efficient tractor can be achieved.Inside the weichai group at the same time, in view of yaxing coach product development planning, group are optimized by the new match engine, gearbox, axle powertrain assembly and vehicle exhaust system, cooling system, suspension system, further improve the yaxing coach products market competitiveness.Through the "national engineering technology research center" commercial vehicle powertrain assembly of related research, 12 meters inter-city bus powertrain assembly matching technology research project is also a breakthrough, the user's actual road test fuel consumption was reduced by 10.49%.
Weichai r&d as well as the improvement of performance, not only gain the state patent research and development, has been positive feedback of the customers.In weichai pays a return visit, a shan steam heavy card users tell weichai staff "choose weichai heavy card after powertrain, power improved significantly, when before climbing down to 7 block, block 8 now easily, and fuel consumption significantly less. Now oil fired three pieces of 2 per kilometer before, now only need $3, ran a trip can energy saving 600 dollars on gas!"Weichai staff, told reporters that every visit of a lot of similar such positive feedback can be received.The ascension of the performance and improve certainly is closely connected with the persistence of the weichai years in technology.
Weichai technological innovation is far from to stop the footsteps, after years of research and development of science and technology and technical exploration, weichai keenly aware, in order to make the internationalization of powertrain core technology group, it is necessary to optimize the whole industry chain integration, collection resources, innovation of thinking into every key new product research and development, with innovation industry of new hope.Only through continuous research and development to explore, to fundamentally grasp the industry say, to achieve the grand blueprint of the internationalization of weichai power.

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