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Mutual benefit, win-win cooperation--Beiben heavy truck development history
promulgator:admin Published:2015-1-7 8:53:50 Read:454

Winter in 2014 in baotou, beyond the Great Wall is presented to people is still bright sunshine and blue skies.For early development plan in 2015, China north industries group north toward heavy duty truck group co., LTD., the first held in 2015 in this industry "business conference" and "supplier conference".In the national economy into the new normal, heavy truck market forecast is still under the background of no obvious signs of recovery, north toward rectified through market research, found out the regularity, found a niche market, such as specialized service response, after the two meetings held in advance in the cold season.Group chairman of the board of directors of the company Yin Guxu in north toward research pointed out: "suppliers and distributors is supporting the development of the north toward the two wheels, it is impossible to produce without supplier north toward the complete car, no dealer north toward it is impossible to sell products into commodities to the user's hand."Two meetings not only introduced a new policy, boost confidence, good singing melody, also started two dealers and suppliers "wheel" running quickly mobilize.Nearly 1000 dealers nationwide and 1000 suppliers such as upstream and downstream industry chain partners, regardless of the cold in the north, gathered from all directions to baotou, shows the partners together, a total war winter, out of the heavy truck development trough of determination and confidence.

New business policy Enhance confidence partners

North toward business conference to "focus on market, focusing on products" as the theme, don't shy away from problems, do not hide, comprehensive analysis of the current situation, we will focus on problem oriented, market oriented, launched the "differential marketing policies to support strong dealers, expand access to 'debt collection, market development value larger market segment" and a series of new policies to get all the dealers.

North toward a strategic partner in Shanghai, Shanghai tai yue Sun Zhenxiang heavy truck sales company general manager said during the meeting: "north toward the deep Benz heavy card technology background, has the very strong influence in the heavy truck market, it is north toward heavy card brand effect and the mutually beneficial and win-win idea, to confirm our cooperation with north toward confidence".Shanghai port container throughput in the world no. 1.Shanghai tai yue company to Shanghai port to use lightweight tractor market and urban use of residue in the car market, as the main attack direction in the Shanghai market.Their keen grasp the changing market, seize the timing out update consists of Shanghai car, north toward heavy card sales more than 800 units.Also contribute to Shanghai logistics transportation unit benchmarking - Shanghai shipping group purchased the running of the port logistics tractor 33 Taipei.In turn in Shanghai city sanitation industry association for north toward new intelligent car residue under the condition of high recognition, grasp the opportunity, take orders, the north toward residue in car market share rising in Shanghai.Through unremitting efforts, the running of the dump truck over 30% market share in Shanghai.

"Put forward by the north toward north toward where driving heavy card, where service is associated with" the idea, make after-sales service for the customer service by heart, at the same time also to improvement of the overall level of security for spare parts.Conditions in 2014, shenzhen company a purchase 2529 sets of north toward 2529 k type dump truck, due to the guangdong area outdoor temperature is high, much rain in summer and the tight, vehicles 24 hours of homework, people take car, vehicle use harsh working conditions.In order to guarantee the user vehicle attendance, shenzhen longgang liqun automobile service station made a special trip to send service team 24 hours service to ensure all the way, the user use north toward heavy card more at ease, more dependable.North toward the brand, after-sales service have been recognized users in shenzhen, longgang only liqun special service station spare parts reserve reached more than 120 ten thousand yuan, greatly improve the capability of the north toward after-sales service guarantee.

Mutually beneficial new measures To promote the effective management of supply chain

North by optimizing the supporting resources, improve the supply chain management, efforts to establish a suitable of the development of the north toward heavy truck, supplier active cooperation, the two sides a win-win idea of supply chain system, many suppliers with north synchronous development, adhere to the cracking techniques matching the difficulty, positive test experiment was carried out, trying to organize supply, ensure the north toward a variety of new models of production.

One group was north toward the mother factory, for years north toward maximum input and support, especially in scientific research and development, management, production and marketing to give north toward strong support.Weapon meter developed by, the north lingyun, changchun a clutch, east hebei adah steam model, tigers of electrical appliances in one positive and north toward collaborative development and design, all kinds of technical problems do first docking process, ensure the north toward new product launch.

Weichai power as north toward sinotruk strategic cooperation suppliers, through the establishment of good communication technology docking mechanism, in the product improvement, performance optimization, product development, supply, marketing and service promotion, etc to fully support and cooperate with the north.At the meeting, general manager of the sales company Cheng Guangxu said: "weichai power will continue to cooperate with the north toward on the platform, modular, standardization and seriation together to carry out the relevant design, r&d, north toward heavy card into China's most core competitive ability and the market competitiveness of products, this is our common expectations".

North toward changed in the past, by means of bid invitation pure authors please suppliers involved in the product design, development to adapt to the market demand for products.North the largest supplier of brake system running, Wilbur (China) company is the listed company, the company is located in the north vehicle development in technical design, cooperative development product, not only involved in existing models optimization, and make full use of global resources, actively cooperate with the north toward new development platform model.

North toward sinotruk is a oems, suppliers is the support of the production, the dealer is the north bridge rush to the market.North toward sinotruk, introduced new policies and measures, there is no doubt for the upstream and downstream industry chain partners set up a sustainable development can not only meet their health needs, and can satisfy the business each other mutually beneficial good development partners Bridges, effectively leverage the suppliers, distributors, the two "wheel" quickly turned up.Until the end of the year, the north toward heavy truck production and sales to achieve 10500, in the national heavy industry under the situation of average fell 10%, north toward fell by only 4%, effectively curb the trend of decline, to restore market confidence, 2015 more than 20000 vehicles production and marketing goals, achieve better development laid a solid foundation.(LuXinHua Hu Jianming)


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