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Truck Models Show-NG80 Series
promulgator:admin Published:2014-12-4 8:40:25 Read:561

As the North Pennines heavy truck's first product, NG80 who have too much glory. After the 1988 introduction of the German Mercedes-Benz 8-20 ton vehicle full production technology and process equipment, NG80 grow up fast in this new land China. NG80 in the country not only has a unique manufacturing process, but also has unsurpassed technical superiority. NG80 cab Carter owns some heavy metal skeleton + skin structure, with the top of the domestic heavy truck safety standards to meet the regulatory requirements of the European ECER29 collision, their safety is currently a heavy truck any unmatched. NG80 carrying ability, is the product of choice for domestic heavy-duty trucks, 20 years in the industry has always had a good reputation. NG80 reliability is also very secure, all models have been hot and cold, high altitude and other calibration test case, were traveling 18000km reliability test, NG80 commitment MTBF mileage than 3000km, the average first failure mileage than 10000km .


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